While it wasn't the 40+ degree weather Melbourne or Adelaide were experiencing, having a football game at 4:20pm in Brisbane in January isn't always pleasant.ย 

Coach Irv in Cool Runnings explains it well: "It's not so much the heat, it's the humidity that'll kill you."

A WTB was done prior to the match, it did look ominous but the game was to go ahead with a drinks break during each half. Thankfully, the sun soon cleared the pitch at Suncorp Stadium, except for on Sham Khamis, whose goal still had the sunny spot.ย 

However, when the sun goes down, the humidity rises.

Slightly distracted by the women's doubles final at the Australian Open, it was a relatively Orange sided affair in the opening minutes as the Roar peppered the Canberra defence.ย 

The away side weren'tย without their chances but Roar's pressure eventually paid off as a touch off Refiloe Jane put the ball in the path of Hayley Raso.

By the half-hour mark, it was clear who had the advantage as Roar set up for their fifth corner of the match.ย 

It was a must-win match for Canberra if they wanted to keep their slim finals hopes alive but Roar stuck the knife in when ex-Canberra midfielder Celeste Boureille hit a sweet one.

Canberra would've been happy to see halftime with changes needed, while it was quite simple at the other end..they needed to be more Gandalf and say 'You shall not pass.'ย