The 30-player squad will feature nine Wallaroos along with schoolgirl Alysia Fakasilea. 

Fakasilea excited rugby fans after her performance against NSW in the Tens on Friday and Saturday night where she scored the winning try for Queensland. 

She is one of 13 players who took part in the Aon Uni 7s in Hayes' squad. 

Hayes told he's assembled a squad mixed with youth and experience ahead of the inaugural season.

"We’re lucky to have some seasoned Women’s XV campaigners who have already represented their country, who can act as role models for some of our younger players emerging from various pathways such as Sevens," he said.

"We’re fortunate that Queensland has some quality club competitions with healthy rivalries, which has helped lift the standard of the game in the state.

"We’ve worked hard so far this year to challenge the girls and their traditional ways of playing the game, and we began to see the results of that in our performances over the weekend," Hayes said.

Queensland squad for Super W


Cheyenne Campbell

Ivy Kaleta


Bree-anna Cheatham

Hana Ngaha

Liz Patu

Toa Filimoehala

Vuanumasei Rasolea

Wynona Baice


Ashlee Knight

Phoebe Thomas

Shannon Mato


Jasmine Kemp

Kirby Sefo

Kiri Lingman

Lucy Lockhart


Ana Afuie

Asako Ono

Tallisha Harden

Zahara Temara


Eseta Aho-Fangaloka

Sarah Riordan


Alysia Lefau-Fakaosilea

Alana Elisaia

Ivania Wong

Lori Cramer

Marioulla Belessis

Nareta Marsters

Samantha Treherne

Sasha Hallet-Mahuika