During the 2015/16 Rajčić ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament on her ‘good knee’ and had her third knee reconstruction but at the time she was not being paid by Adelaide United on her amateur contract.

She was unable to teach, which was her primary source of income and to make matters worse the insurance wouldn't cover the cost as there was no CBA. 

The pay slightly improved in the 2016/17 season to a modest $60 per week during the season. 

There were also a number of backroom changes at the club before the 2016/17 season including Football Federation South Australia handing the women's team back to the A-League side and Huss Skenderovic replacing Mark Jones who left for the coaching role at Newcastle Jets in the A-League. 

While Rajčić came back from her ACL injury, she only played four minutes in the 2016/17 W-League season.

"It wasn't working for me," she said.

"My knee and body were fine but everything else just didn't fit into place."

Luckily for Rajčić an opportunity, which arose a couple of months ago came up again. 

"I wasn't with Adelaide United anymore and the opportunity kind of presented itself," she said.

"I went out for a testing day and Bec [Goddard] said the option is here if you want to train with us."