Game 1

Melbourne City FC vs Canberra United

After their 2-0 win over Brisbane last week, Melbourne City has regained their first place position and will face a Canberra squad who had to postpone their game due to the air quality from the fires.

Missing the week of play has dropped Canberra down to sixth place, but just one point out of the top four. If they are to jump into a playoff position they will have to give City their first loss of the season, a task that will be easier said than done.

The week rest in round seven proved to be very beneficial to Melbourne City, giving them their first win by more than a goal all season. The game could have been their first three goal game, but Steph Catley pegged the goalpost on her penalty attempt. The shutout did also keep their total goals given up so far at three, tied for the least amount in the league.

Canberra, who has scored just as many goals this year as City, with ten, but they have unfortunately given up 12 goals, tied for second most in the league.


Key Matchup

Sham Khamis vs Milica Mijatovic

This game will represent Sham Khamis’ 50th appearance in the W-League, an added motivation to perform well for her club. But her task will quite difficult in keeping the opposition out of her net.

Milica Mijatovic and Emily van Egmond have scored the most goals for City, having three each. However, Mijatovic seems to be the more dangerous one as of late because van Egmond has not scored since round four, whereas Mijatovic has scored twice in that time. Also every time Mijatovic has netted a goal for City, they always score another in the match. As Mijatovic does, so does City.

If Khamis can shutout Mijatovic and company, then she gives her team a chance at winning the game and being able to come away with a 1-0 victory. Canberra will hope that she can do better than the two goals City scored against her last time, one of which was from Mijatovic.


Score Prediction

1-0 Melbourne City

City has yet to have a two goal game in back-to-back weeks and this round does not appear to change that statistic. Canberra will give them a tough game and improve upon their 2-1 defeat from round two, but still not get a win of their own. Melbourne City will remain undefeated and in the top spot.

Game 2

Newcastle Jets vs Adelaide United

The lone game this week that is not a rematch happens to be between two of the bottom teams in the league. This matchup will see it’s second showing in the 14th round, which looks like it will be the last game of the 2019-20 season for both clubs.

Pointless no more, Adelaide was able to secure a point last week in their 2-2 tie with Perth Glory. It was just the second game all season where Adelaide was able to score two goals.

The same amount of times their opponent this week, the Newcastle Jets, have scored two goals. Their oppositions have had no problems scoring goals against these teams, both are averaging just under two goals against them per game. 


Key Matchup

Tara Andrews vs Mary Fowler

If you have been following along this season a direct matchup of Tara Andrews against Mary Fowler is head scratching at best. The two forwards will most likely not encounter one another on the pitch this week besides the pre and post game handshakes. This is more of a matchup of which forward is going to be more effective for their team.

On one side you have Andrews for the Jets who has netted four goals, tied for third most in the league. She has been able to score all of those goals over the team’s last five games.

Quite an impressive stat for the forward, but would be more impressive if she could have converted all her penalty kicks over the course of those five games. If Andrews is awarded a penalty opportunity in this game she will need to be better from the spot or at least score a goal in the run of play.

On the other side Fowler has three goals, good for seventh most where she is tied with four other players from around the league. She has scored two of her goals over the past four games for her team.

Another young forward looking to prove herself in the W-League. Fowler is yet to have a multi-goal game, something that would be very helpful in the game this week.


Score Prediction


These teams are in the bottom of the ladder and also the bottom of the league in goals scored. This game does not look like it will change that fact and both teams will scrape just a goal a piece. The defences will play a big role in this game, but if one of the offences is able to catch their opposition sleeping, one of them may be able to net a multi-goal game.

Game 3

Western Sydney Wanderers FC vs Brisbane Roar FC

A rematch from round three that saw Western Sydney defeat the Brisbane Roar 3-1, which is tied for the Roar’s worst loss all season. Their other two goal deficit came last week with a 2-0 loss to Melbourne City.

While Brisbane suffered a loss a week ago, Western Sydney was able to enjoy a round bye. This bye comes after their 4-0 shellacking over Canberra United. The Wanderers look like one of, if not the best team in the league. It seems like most games are looked at more like how much a team clan slow the Wanderers down instead of if a team can beat them. 

Brisbane has a mere three losses this W-League season, it is nothing in comparison to the zero losses the Wanderers have received. Brisbane is the team that has battled consistency all season and find themselves in fifth place. They have a fairly average record of 3-1-3 and have scored ten goals while giving up 12. 


Key Matchup

Kristen Hamilton vs Clare Polkinghorne

When you talk about the success of the Wanderers this season you start and finish with the individual success of Kristen Hamilton. She has scored the second most goals this season with five and Hamilton appears in every opposition’s scouting report. 

The newest star in the W-League will have the tough task against one of the most veteran players in Clare Polkinghorne. Brisbane is anchored by the captain’s leadership and hard nose defence. Polkinghorne is a force in the backline who has only recorded two fouls all season, she is the definition of a precision tackler.

Look for this matchup all game with the player who is victorious more often also being the one on the eventual winning side.


Score Prediction

2-1 Western Sydney

The score is one better for Brisbane then the last time the two met, but they will still be unable to hand the Wanderers their first loss. Brisbane may even get out to a lead first, but the offensive power of Western Sydney will be too much for the Roar.