Game 2

Adelaide United vs Perth Glory

The battle for last place. Neither team has won a game this season and only Perth has a tie to their name. If anything this game is a confidence booster for the possible winner. But this could also very well end in a tie which would at least give Adelaide a point and some hope for their season.

Both teams have conceded 11 goals and only scored four. Neither team has really been blown out of a match, they stay in the games till the end, they just cannot find a way to seal the deal for a victory. This will be a very close game.

Key Matchup

Amber Brooks vs Kat Jukic

If Adelaide is going to get their first point of the season then they are going to need all the belief in themselves they can get and that belief starts with their captain Amber Brooks. Known for her bruising tackles and overall presence on defence she is going to have to command the back line this game. On paper that sounds pretty easy against a Perth Glory team who has only scored four goals all season.

But just like Adelaide believing they can get their first point Perth also believes they can get their first win. But in order for Perth to do that they have to score goals. Forward, Kat Jukic, has started all six games and played the most of any forward listed on the roster. Yet she has no goals to show for it. If Jukic can ignite Perth’s offence they could string a few together and walk away with their first win.

Score Prediction

1-0 Adelaide

Adelaide has been knocking on the door of getting a point from a game. Five of their six losses have been decided by a single goal. This is the game that will give Adelaide life and spark them to finally be the team who finishes one goal ahead. 1-0 is still a close game and Perth will put up a good fight and make Adelaide earn this win.