Newcastle Jets vs Melbourne Victory

The last five games have given completely different results for these two teams. Newcastle finds themselves 1-4 while Victory have gone 4-1. The Jets want to keep themselves out of last place and Victory wants to keep moving up in the standings.

Key Matchup

Persistence vs Patience

Melbourne Victory started the season slow far from their undefeated team through the first five rounds a season ago. Instead of building upon last year it looked like they had peaked and were falling from their 2018-19 regular season championship.

And yet they find themselves in fourth place able to move into second place in a best case scenario. They pushed through adversity and seem to be once again heading towards their peak. Victory did lose last week so could they have reached a plateau?

The Jets had a promising start, tying City in the opening round 1-1. Even in the midst of their losses Newcastle has impressed viewers. They do not look like a team frustrated, often times they look calculated. The Jets are a young team and they know they have to weather the storm of opposing offence most games.

But has their patience worn off from too many storms? Can the Jets be resilient for just two more matches?

Score Prediction

2-0 Melbourne Victory

Victory is on the rise while the Jets are on the decline. Perhaps if these teams had met at the beginning than the opposite could have been said. Victory will prove to be too much for the Jets who have one of the lowest goal totals of any W-League team.