Sydney FC vs Perth Glory 

Sydney is still competing for the number one spot in the league and Perth is trying to stay out of last place. But no matter how this game ends Sydney is guaranteed a spot in the Series Final while Perth is guaranteed a spot in the bottom three.

Key Matchup

Productivity vs Pride

If Sydney can win their remaining two games and City lose theirs than they will tie in points, but City has the upper hand in goal differential with 17 while Sydney has 11. Sydney plays Melbourne Victory next week so their chance at catching the goal mark is this game against Perth.

Perth has given up just about as many goals at Sydney has scored this season. Glory knows their season will be over next week no matter their final results. But the team is riding a two game winning streak and to finish the year off winning four games would have to be a momentum and confidence booster of what they could accomplish next season.

Score Prediction

2-0 Sydney

Despite the best efforts of Perth Sydney will win this game, but not in total dominating fashion. Both teams will more from their result and that is exactly why it will be a close game. Sydney expects to score goals and Perth expects to keep winning.