The 34-year-old is a former Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers goalkeeper but after giving up the sport five years ago, she is on a new journey in a different sport. 

In her 20's, she loved playing at the highest possible level in football and had goals of going to the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. 

Poulos had just come back to Australia after five years of playing abroad, and it was during the lead into a W-League preseason that she stumbled across CrossFit and thought it would a good way to get fit. 

However, while she thoroughly enjoyed her football, just like many players before the historic Collective Bargaining Agreement, she struggled financially. 

During her second season with the Sky Blues, she was working three jobs, one being her own business and was living in Wollongong and travelled up to Sydney every night for training and games.

"It was so difficult financially because at the time we weren’t really getting paid a good enough wage to survive off," Poulos said.

"So I sat down and calculated all my expenses, rent, petrol, food etc. What I realised that day was that I was left with $25 at the end of each week in my pocket.

"The financial struggle was too stressful so I decided that it was my last season and I’d focus on building my career. Didn’t mean I wasn’t upset for giving it up, I just couldn’t manage any more."

With CrossFit, Poulos love the sport pushed her and despite only being part of it socially, soon enough she had taken it to the next level. She was doing double to triple sessions and loved that she had found something that constantly challenged her. 

"I think any athlete will agree, the difference between what makes an athlete good and great is their desire to constantly improve," she said.