The current Year 12 student is heading into her third year with the Stingrays and after her tenure is up, she will move into the St Kilda VFLW side, with aims to be drafted into an AFLW side from there.

McDonald answered a few quick questions about AFLW and her journey, as she prepares for a big year on and off-field.

Your nickname?

“Macca, obviously because of my last name”

Where did the love of footy spawn from?

“Mostly my family, but also my brother, because we’d always just kick the footy together”

Who did you support in the AFL as a child?

“When I was growing up, I supported Richmond. That has changed because of [playing VFL with] the Saints.”

What position do you play?

“Majority in the midfield, or on the wing”

What position do you love the most?

“Wing is my preferred”

How did you get to the Dandenong Stingrays?

“Through playing local and then through the V-Line Cup, this is my third year.”

What have you learnt from the Stingrays?

“Probably work rate. How hard you have to work to get to the big stage. I’ve also learnt how important it is to work and be as a team.”

What’s the best message a coach has ever given you?

“Just to have fun and try your best!”

What’s your goal for this year and footy season?

“After Stingrays, I’m playing VFL with the Saints and then hopefully get a gig playing with the AFL side as well”

What would you tell your younger self now?

“Just have fun out there, but always give it a shot. Believe in yourself!”