Although less sleek than the first game against China, the Matildas proved their attacking worth with a formidable goal-fest. The final score was 5-1, with an own goal, a brace from Sam Kerr, Chloe Logarzo’s first international goal and a screamer from Kyah Simon.

Lydia Williams, 7.5/10 – Some shaky footwork in first half stood out when you come to expect magic from the likes of Williams. In the second half following a bout of Australian substitutes, China tested the Australian defence. Williams showed the aforementioned magic with athletic and confident saves.

Laura Alleway, 6/10 – Not only was this Alleway’s 50th cap for the Matildas, it was her first time being back in the fold since the Olympics. Whilst some shakiness it to be expected, one pass resulted in China’s possession and goal. Against powerhouses such as Canada or Germany, mistakes can result in even more dangerous chances than we saw on Sunday. However, time will help and Alleway highlighted her abilities for reaching the high ball and protecting under pressure.

Alanna Kennedy, 6/10 – Kennedy also made some uncharacteristic decisions and the distribution from the back four seemed disjointed. This could be due to a lack of support, with full backs gunning forward too quickly. She’s still solid and attacked well during set-pieces.  

Caitlin Foord, 8.5/10 – Foord spent the first half attacking and linked up efficiently with Ellie Carpenter. She was instrumental in much of Australia’s attack – her holding of the ball and vision for the good pass is characteristic of a class player. Not much to fault.

Emily Van Egmond, 7/10 – Early flusters made way for a strong performance. Her defensive work was standout, whilst she was also able to throw in some of her signature powerful shots and strong through balls to the likes of Kerr.

Chloe Logarzo, 8/10 – Logarzo represented the antithesis of “lazy striker”. Once settled in, she linked up well with Kellond-Knight and Kerr, timed her runs with accuracy and used her physicality to win the ball back on several occasions. Her first international goal came from being at the right place at the right time, sealing the deal following an earlier back-post run resulting in China’s own goal.  

Katrina Gorry, 7/10 –  Gorry’s signature hustle wasn’t as hard this match. After some scrappy moments across the board in the first fifteen, Gorry worked well to link up with the likes of Foord and Kerr. This build up often helped create chances.

Ellie Carpenter, 8/10 –Despite Alleway’s pass to her being intercepted, she did well to get back behind Yang Lu prior to China’s goal. Further in, her defending was smart, her attacking runs productive and crosses formidable. Her consistency in this match indicates a player on her way to being world class, however watching the runs will be important in the future after being caught out a few times on China’s attack.

Kyah Simon, 9/10 – Simon slotted into a midfield role for her first start since the Algarve Cup, and became a crucial link between the defence and the forward line. All over the pitch, she was able to work to the line when Carpenter attacked, whilst tucking back into the centre for the smart, fast attacking balls. Not just a snazzy goal-scorer but a creative, supportive player in the centre.

Elise Kellond-Knight, 7/10 – Left back isn’t the most natural position for the midfielder, but Kellond-Knight pulled it off calmly. A little more communication with Logarzo could have benefited in decluttering the wing on the attack, but nonetheless, solid work.

Sam Kerr, 8/10 – Although not as terrifying a performance as Wednesday night, Kerr managed the careful balance between tucking back and pushing high to unleash the run toward goal. Although not the most stunning of goals, they are indicative of work-rate and her defensive/attacking duality was apparent throughout.


Michelle Heyman, 6.5/10 – Heyman did well in the time she had, playing up front and centre and demonstrating a defensive work ethic. Notable was a high ball nodded over to create a chance on goal.

Amy Harrison, 6.5/10 – Although showing some promising vision on the attack and contributing to the build-up for Logarzo’s goal, Harrison’s return was studded with some unfortunate mistakes in defence. Confidence and minutes will change this.

Lisa De Vanna, 6/10 – De Vanna’s short time on the field was relatively quiet aside from some clashes with the opposition.  

Eliza Campbell, 7/10 – Another performance for Campbell to be proud of. She didn’t see much of the ball but made another cracking save and maintained a clean sheet in the second half.

Hayley Raso, 7/10 – It wasn’t Raso’s strongest performance as a right back but she was still able to make a couple of searing attacking runs and was often one step ahead of play.

Larissa Crummer, 6.5/10 – Crummer was the final sub of the night and managed to squeeze in a strong shot that went wide of the post.