Professional Footballers Australia have released their W-League Workplace Conditions Report 2016 which puts into stark numbers the low pay and conditions for players.

Surveying two-thirds of the W-League players from last season, the Report looks to ascertain a "state of the game" and is one of the key documents for recently announced FFA and PFA Working Group.

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In keeping with The Women's Game's recent survey of a quarter of the players, the Report outlines the key concerns for the players including quantifying the financial strain they are currently under.

Some of the statistics include:

  • 90% of respondents signalled that they would consider leaving the game early to pursue more financially rewarding career options
  • 85% of players earn less than $5,000 for the season
  • 25% of players earn under $500 for the whole season
  • $2,237 (on average) is the cost to play in the W-League for players
  • 51% do not have access to preventative and rehabilitation services from their club
  • 75% consider training and playing facilities to not be of an acceptable standard

“The W-League Workplace Conditions Report demonstrates the depth of commitment the players have to their sport and the Westfield W-League," said PFA Chief Executive John Didulica regarding the findings.

"The players are willing to go above and beyond to make their competition a success."

This is highlighted by the finding that 99% of players feel that the W-League is an extremely important part of women’s football in Australia. It mirrors a TWG finding that 60% would still choose football as their sport of choice if they were a junior athlete right now.

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The Report is the latest move in the re-evaluation that is being undertaken into the system that feeds the national teams with the W-League a key pillar.

“This research has been tabled with FFA and will be invaluable in assisting the W-League Working Party to identify the immediate priorities that need to be addressed to ensure the Westfield W-League can prosper.”

Following on from the report, it is understood that the PFA and player representatives will meet in the coming days to discuss key points for discussion with the Working Party as they move to negotiate a CBA that includes:

  • minimum player payments
  • minimum medical conditions
  • appropriate insurance cover
  • career development and wellbeing support

A year on from the acrimonious and highly publicised Matildas CBA dispute, the tone from both the FFA and the PFA is more collaborative and conciliatory as they look to address these key player welfare issues.

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