Even if resumption of training was possible, the capability of women's players to return to play within a short span of time is questionable.  

It has been reported that nearly every club has given players training regiments to follow while in lockdown started in March.

However, unlike their more affluent male counterparts, most top female footballers in England do not have home gyms, large backyards and access to top-level training equipment.  

The last FAWSL games were back in February, nearly 3 months ago. Resuming a season at this point without a proper "pre-season" would lead to a lower level of quality of play and an increased chance of injury.

There is also a psychological aspect related to the resumption of play. Sam Kerr's agent Alan Naigeon when speaking to The Guardian stated,

"A lot of WSL players don't want to restart because they've checked out mentally.  They don't want to go through another pre-season.  And if they are going to go through one they just want it to be meaningful, not to just go and play two games and get stopped again.  Its hard for them."

There is also the geographic problem of resumption of play.  Not all FAWSL players are currently in England.  

While Sam Kerr stated in late April that she was in London, Jacynta Galabadaarachchi was allowed by West Ham United to return to Australia in late March.  

A return at this time to an uncertain plan in a country with significant coronavirus cases is concerning.

Problems with concluding the season at present

So while concluding the season seems both unlikely and unwise, questions exist as to how to come to a 2019-20 season conclusion.  

Four different factors need to be addressed, specifically, they are promotion, relegation, FAWSL and FAWC Champions and the UEFA Champions League.

The first factor is promotion and relegation between the second-tier FA Women's Championship and the FA WSL.  

With the cancellation of all levels of women's below the FAWC, this means there will no promotion to the FAWC and no relegation from the Championship.  

The FA has not stated whether no relegation and promotion would also occur between the second and first-tier if the seasons finish as is.  

Aston Villa are currently top of the FAWC, six points ahead of second-place Sheffield United. Liverpool FC are at the bottom of the FAWSL, one point behind second to last place Birmingham City.  

Whether Villa would be satisfied with another season in the second tier despite their lead is not known. Whether Liverpool would be happy with relegation, without being given a fighting chance, is questionable.