“We were calm in the sheds, Crossy (NSW coach) was pretty alright - we just need to keep pushing through (was the message) and eventually they’ll fatigue and it happened.

“So we were really happy and really lucky, yeah," she said.

Walton, who debuted for NSW in 2008 said it was amazing how far women’s rugby league had come from when she first started out.

The crowd of 6824, created a vibrant atmosphere for the players to showcase their skills on the big stage.

“It was outstanding, it was everything you ever wanted in state of origin and the crowd deserved the show and got the show," Walton said.

The only downside to the match was inaugural NSW State of Origin skipper Maddie Studdon being forced to make a choice between football and her part-time job on the wharves at Port Botany.

NSW coach Ben Cross said it was unfortunate, but until players transition to full-time professional rugby league playing careers choices will have to be made.

"You've got to get the time off work to do it and she couldn't get the time off work," he said.

"That's the sacrifices these women are making to wear the Origin jersey - they're losing jobs over it," Cross said.