Names like Maddie Studdon, Lavina O’Mealey, Sam Bremner, Nakia Davis-Welsh and Isabelle Kelly, with her two tries and player of the match, are leading the charge in NSW becoming the dominant state in women’s Origin after their 16-10 win last night at a North Sydney Oval.

They’ve now done the three-peat, which followed on from a draw in 2015.

For 16 long years, it was always Queensland and Generation X who won at the death when pushed by NSW, but the young millennials from NSW are now taking over.

Older millennials are still providing the platform up-front for the aforementioned backs and none were better than Elianna Walton and Rebecca Young in the engine room.

Both players said it was a fast, free-flowing and intense match to play in.

Young, who debuted for NSW in 2011, was upbeat after the physical match, celebrating with her kids Jarrah and Colbee.

She told The Women’s Game there was faith in the squad chosen and if everyone executed their individual jobs properly NSW would win the game.

“It was quick play the balls and we just knew we had to put our bodies on the line and come through for the win," she said.

Her front-row partner in crime, Elianna Walton, who’s also a mother, often rooms with Young when on state and test duty also mentioned how physical the game was.

“That was really, really hard, fast and exciting," Walton said.

“I think we needed to just keep grinding and that was all that needed to happen with us.