The Children’s Participation in Organised Physical Activity Outside of School Hours survey found the level of participation is up from 2016 with children participating in at least once in some form sport or physical activity outside of school over the past 12 months.

Swimming was still the overall favourite for young girls accounting for 33.9 percent of girls aged 0-14 with netball at 13.3 percent while dancing (recreational), gymnastics, football, basketball, dance sports, athletics, tennis and hockey rounded out the top 10. 

Results also showed that females aged 12-14 started to see a drop off in participants in a sport-related activity with parents citing a dislike of physical activity for almost one-half of girls.

Swimming was the top sport for females from 0-11 years but this changed for the 12-14 years age group as netball became the number one sport with 30.6 percent of girls taking up the sport. 

Football only made the top five in the 12-14 year age group, coming in with 5.9 percent.

The survey monitored participation rates as the federal government attempts to find solutions to the nation's growing obesity crisis. 

“Australia’s obesity crisis is well known, so sport and physical can play a role in helping address that," ASC CEO Kate Palmer said.

"Sport and physical activity is also integral to the holistic development of children physically, mentally and socially.

“Every Australian child deserves the opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity so it’s important we continue to identify and reduce barriers,” she said.

Barriers to participation included cost and living in a remote or regional location being the most common reasons cited. 

More results from the survey can be found here.