Both sides have had interesting seasons, but the attention falls on the shock win for the Cannons last week, which saw them knocked off a poised Geelong Falcons side, to make it to the big dance.

Felicity Theodore, who is a key part of this Cannons side, is grateful that her football journey has led her to this moment.

“Mum had said no before-hand [to playing footy] but decided she’d let me play. I had a shot and have loved it from there,” Theodore said.

On the other side, Gabby Newton, the captain of the Northern Knights is looking at the Grand Final as one last chance for her side to give it their all before they break-up at season’s end.

“Little bit of sadness because it’s our last game. We’re just a massive family. The team is never going to be the same again, this is the last time we will all be in the Knights uniform,” she said.

Both the Cannons and the Knights have enjoyed their seasons that have brought them here, but it wasn’t without blood, sweat and tears that have accumulated the wins they needed.

“We started the season off really well, which was a surprise for everyone, considering we didn’t do as well last season,” Theodore said of her Cannons team.

“We certainly didn’t think we were playing our best football for the first five or so rounds. Eventually, we saw everything clicking and getting together, which is good timing with finals,” said Newton of the Knights.

But nothing else matters now that the most important weekend of the season is fast approaching.

“We just want to prove that we can be the better team and that we can play that higher level of football, as we have been showing the past few weeks,” said Theodore

“Everyone’s very nervous at the moment, very excited though!” Theodore said.

These nerves are echoed through the Knights team, but are mixed with the experience and excitement to put it all on the line come game time.

“Some are a little nervous of the unknown, but the girls who played in Grand Final last year know what to expect. Having that experience is going to help us tomorrow,” Newton said.

But one thing is for sure for both sides; tomorrow they will lay it all on the line for that Premiership cup.

“You never know what you can expect from us, keep your eyes peeled,” Theodore said.

“Our time is now and we are going to embrace it!” Newton echoed.

The Grand Final will be played at Princes Park at 2.00pm this Saturday, May 25th.

If you can’t make it to the game, you can keep up to date using the official NAB League App, with all the stats and information at your fingertips.