Our match of the week

Match of the Week has to go to the game that saw the record for highest aggregate score in an AFLW game broken. Fremantle Dockers hosted the match against the Western Bulldogs in a clash that many assumed would be an easy win for the team sitting proudly atop Conference B.

It wasn’t to be though, as the Dogs dug deep and settled in for an arm wrestle. The purple-clad westerners shower their resilience and determination, finally pulling ahead in the last quarter to seal the deal and add another four points to their impressive season total. Both teams demonstrated the impeccable skill and athleticism we have come to associate with the best of the best in the women’s league.


Our Goal of the Week

Why recognise just one goal when we can recognise two from one player? Kalinda Howarth is impressing more and more each week, bagging a total of four in the game against the West Coast Eagles on Sunday. She seems to have a knack for creating something from nothing, and just when you’ve made your peace with the fact that she kicked an impossible goal, she goes and does it again!


Our mark of the week

There were a few spectacular marks taken during Round 6, and this shows all the best ones. If we had to choose though, it's got to be Jas Garner's grab in North's game against Geelong. Such strength and composure on display!


Our Play of the Week

There were two plays this week that caught our eye and to choose between the two would be doing our readers a disservice. The first starred Kate Hore from the Melbourne Demons in a goal-scoring play that is being toted as Goal of the Year. She rounded out her game nicely with 19 disposals and six tackles.

In an equally impressive effort, Ebony Antonio pulled this stunt for Freo on Sunday. She was a very strong presence on the field for her team and was instrumental in their win. She racked up huge numbers in disposals (19) and tackles (10), second only to Kiara Bowers, and managed to put away a goal.


Our Best… Tackler?

It is no wonder Freo are topping their Conference ladder when they have such stand-out players in their midst. Joining Ebony Antonio on this list is Kiara Bowers for breaking the tackle record (that she set) in only six games. The strength and physicality she brings to every game is astounding.


And our best tackle evasion

It’s true, this is an unorthodox addition to the list, but what choice do we have when Tayla Harris is out on the ground? The phrase “water off a duck’s back” comes to mind here…