Melbourne Victory began the contest on top with Haley Hanson playing a slick one-two with Natasha Dowie who crossed for Hanson's first W-League goal eight minutes in. 

Melbourne continued their pressure but the Wanderers woke themselves up with chances from Kyra Cooney-Cross and Amy Harrison testing Casey Dumont. 

It took until the 60th minute for the Wanderers to power their way back into the match. Alex Hyunh's long pass to Lynn Williams was missed by Angela Beard and the American slotted past Casey Dumont to draw Western Sydney level. 

Victory missed out on their first clean sheet but sit just outside the top four with Western Sydney hovering above the W-League in first place. 


Casey Dumont - 7.5

Two fine stops denying Amy Harrison and Kyra Cooney-Cross in the first 25 minutes set the tone for Victory's defence. Dumont kept the Wanderers out of the net until the hour mark when Lynn Williams finished past her but ensured Victory got a point keeping out Staab's last second volley. 

Teigan Allen - 6

Allen wasn't too busy going forward and let her blistering attacking teammates take on that duty. In defence she enjoyed an average performance but was substituted after a hefty challenge from Courtney Nevin. 

Emily Menges - 6

Menges had a tough time in the second half as the Wanderers gained a stronger hold on the match. Lynn Williams was finding space isolating Menges who caused havoc in the second stanza. 

Jenna McCormick - 6.5

McCormick was at her best blocking, stopping and halting counter-attacks by the Wanderers. She led from the back in Victory's improved defensive performance in the first half. 

Angela Beard - 5.5

Beard had a few lapses in concentration as Kristen Hamilton made her trademarked runs in behind the left back. She was pickpocketed by Williams, failing to deal with a long ball from Alex Hyunh, leading to the Wanderers equaliser. 

Haley Hanson - 7

Hanson was quick to dispossess Kyra Cooney-Cross to play a one-two with Natasha Dowie and stretched to open the scoring. 

Annalie Longo - 6.5

Great touches and turns saw Longo finding plenty of space in behind the Wanderers midfield. She looks to be developing a positive partnership with Natasha Dowie in the left hand channels. 

Grace Maher - 6

Maher put up a good shield against the Wanderers but was still under pressure dealing with the wavy runs of Western Sydney's midfield. Maher's free-kick in the second half struck the bar catching Abby Smith unawares in goal. 

Melina Ayres - 5.5

Ayres had Victory' first chance of the game heading just wide of the post from a cross by McCormick. 

Darian Jenkins - 5.5

Jenkins had an average game in left midfield for Victory coming up against fierce competition in Wanderers captain Erica Halloway. 

Natasha Dowie - 6.5

Dowie was quick to pounce into space left open by Courtney Nevin and crossed for Hanson's opener. 


Amy Jackson - 6

Jackson moved forward occupying a spot in midfield as Victory looked to maintain possession and a stronghold on the match. 

Rosie Sutton - N/A

Lia Privietlli - N/A

Privitelli notched up her 30th appearance in the W-League coming on as a second half substitute.  


Abigail Smith - 6

Smith had a fierce shot from Darian Jenkins that tested her in the first half but couldn't do anything about Haley Hanson's goal. 

Erica Halloway - 6

Halloway had her hands full with Darian Jenkins as the American tried to find space in behind the left back. Her solid performance forced Victory to find other avenues of attack. 

Sam Staab - 6.5

Staab's pass to Cooney-Cross was stolen by Hanson leading to the first goal as the American ghosted in between her and Hyunh to score Victory's first. 

Alex Hyunh - 6.5

Hyunh's positioning for Victory's opener could be questioned with the Victory goal scorer slipping in between her and Staab. Her long ball to Williams was the assist that got the Wanderers back in the game. 

Courtney Nevin - 6

Nevin's positioning was high up the pitch when Cooney-Cross lost the ball meaning Dowie penetrated the space behind her to set up Victory's goal. 

Ella Mastrantonio - 6

Mastrantonio was neither here nor there. She was in good form with her technique and passing but a tense struggle against Victory's midfield wasn't dominated by either team. 

Kyra Cooney-Cross - 6.5

Cooney-Cross had plenty of touches and a number of dribbles that breached Victory's midfield but the end products weren't there. 

Amy Harrison - 6

Harrison was clever in the final third as Western Sydney probed for an opening against Melbourne Victory's stubborn defence. The only thing missing was a goal. 

Denise O'Sullivan - 5.5

O'Sullivan seemed to be getting frustrated throwing in heavy challenges in the second half when she was already in the referee's book. Her abilities on the ball were tested. 

Kristen Hamilton - 6

Hamilton was enjoying a great partnership as always with O'Sullivan up front but rarely managed to fashion a clear cut chance. Hamilton should have sent the Wanderers in front, sending a one-on-one high over the bar. 

Lynn Williams - 7

Williams finally got her first W-League goal sneaking in behind Angela Beard and finishing calmly into the bottom left corner to equalise for Western Sydney. 


Cortnee Vine - N/A