“I think it’s really important for us that we’ve had multiple goal scorers. Last game we had Chloe, we had Caitlin Foord and now myself so we have goal scorers all over the park but any time your forwards are firing it’s a good sign, you know goals don’t come easy, especially in the next round.”

Catley believes the team will also benefit from the rotation of players for the match against Jamaica.

“We had a couple of fresh faces in there today so we could rest up a couple of legs which is really important going into this next round,” she said.

While the team was unaware of exactly who their next round opposition would be until both Group C matches had finished Kerr believed they were up to any challenge.

“We’re honestly confident playing whoever and I think that’s why Ante didn’t really mind how much the score was tonight, he just wanted us to win," said Kerr.

"Obviously playing France at home in front of a packed out stadium would be a lot of pressure but we’re confident in our own ability and we’re excited to go to Nice.”

Catley agreed that while second place has seen them end up with what is generally seen as a less intimidating match she knows that there is no such thing as an easy path in a World Cup but the team is up to any challenge.

She added: “You’ve got to beat everyone at this tournament anyway so eventually you’re going to come up against them at some stage.

"You would rather it later on in the tournament but either way you’ve got to play against them.”

Logarzo is also focusing on the future, looking to the Matildas next game and beyond: “For me, we just keeping trying to push outside of our boundaries, not really be comfortable with just making it through to the Round of 16.

"For us, with the national team we’ve never progressed further than the quarter finals so we’re looking to take it all the way.”

The Matildas will face Norway in Nice at 9pm on June 22 (5am June 23 AEST).