Australia lost the last three legs of the World Series after a red-hot start to the season, going undefeated in Dubai and Sydney but after failing to win gold at the Commonwealth Games, the side wants to put their best foot forward in San Francisco. 

"There is always pressure and I think this group put pressure on themselves to perform anyway," Manenti said.

"The expectation in the group is high and I don't feel we're too concerned what happens externally but our ability to perform under pressure is something we pride ourselves on," he said.

Australia have found themselves in high-pressure situations a number of times this season, having scored after the full-time siren to steal the win.

The change in the format for the competition was a slight worry for Manenti, as it has been moved to a knockout only competition, so games could come down to the wire.

"We've certainly had the ability to win some close games recently but I don't know if it counts for that much when you get to knockout because you've sort of had a safety of knowing if things don't well once you get to quarterfinals it's basically knockout," Manenti said.

"We've had plenty experience around that sort of thing and we've had plenty of girls who have been through that sort of football.

"It's added pressure and it will throw up some interesting curve balls through the tournament because if you have an off game, effectively you are out of the contest," he said.

The last time Australia played in the World Cup they made it our their group but in the quarters lost to Spain. They still managed to win the Plate Final against England to finish fifth.

Much has changed since then though as Australia went on to be runners-up to New Zealand the following World Series before taking their first World Series in 2015/16. 

Australia are now Olympic gold medalist and reigning World Series Champions.

The team will be boosted by the return of Ellia Green, Alicia Quirk and Sharni Williams, who have been vital members to the squad before their injuries in the second half of the season.

"Until we get into the heat of the battle it is hard to know but we've certainly made plans for it and bringing in three world-class players will help,"

Australia begins their World Cup campaign against Papua New Guinea.