Having said that, it’s not as easy as it looks behind the scenes. Especially for the New South Wales and Victorian based teams, having to up and leave their lifestyle and move into a hub on the Sunny Coast.

We spoke to Swifts superstar Maddy Turner on the nature of this 2020 season and what it is like playing such a condescend season. Maddy missed the first half of the season with a injury. Coming off injury is hard, but with such a tight turn around, it’s even harder. But the superstar that Maddy is, she’s taking it in her stride and keeps kicking goals on the court.

“A really good performance team behind the scenes working on me, because I need all the help I can get," Maddy chuckles. “But it's been good.”

It’s a very busy schedule for any of SSN players, having to play at least two games per week, plus having to have train, and recovery.

“So, before a game we do a captain's run," she continues. "So it's like kind of like a shorter session but quite intense, and then we'll play on the Tuesday, and then a day off on the Wednesday, and then we do a full court session on the Thursday and yeah, not much time off. Still plenty still being training in there.”

The Swifts have utilised the new rotating subs rule, with having such a depth of talent in their side, it’s a luxury to be able to have Sam Wallace and Helen Housby get a rest and put someone with as much talent as Sophie Garbin, and it works through all assets of the court, having the likes of a Maddy Proud waiting in the wings for a Paige Hadley to have a rest.

The condensed fixture means having to play at least two games a week, which is no easy feat from anyone, having to back up a game within three days of another one.

“I mean it's obviously hard," she admits, "but I think we probably have the best team for it, moving out. I put everyone on which is really good, and I think. Yeah, we can kind of take the load off when we need to and harder to get the win but it's also good because if you have a loss, you can go again quicker.”

Being surrounded by their teammates constantly it becomes incredibly hard for them to switch off from netball, but for Maddy Turner, it’s a lot like home.

“It's definitely a challenge and like living with one another and you kind of always in each other's pockets and things like that even on days off.

“Back in Sydney, I live with three other girls  as well, so I think we were already in our own hub.” Maddy laughed

Australia, as a country, are very lucky to be able to be able to have elite netball on our screens, and it’s something the players aren’t taking for granted.

“Very grateful we can be up here and play. I know people around Australia missed out on their season so we’re very, very grateful."