The former Australian Diamond was furious with the situation surrounding Blues star Tayla Harris and others in the AFLW. 

"I'm furious," she told RSN Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning. 

"I'm so proud of Tay and the way she stood up because there are not a lot of people who have the ovaries to be able to stand up and do something like that."

On Tuesday night, the Seven Network's AFL department deleted a photo of Harris, who was in full flight kicking a ball from the 50. The decision to remove the photo came after inappropriate and offensive comments were made by social media trolls. 

A number of comments on the photo were of a sexual nature and were disgusting to read but instead of monitoring and removing the comments which were of this nature or even blocking people, Seven decided to delete the whole post. 

What followed was a host of current or former athletes, fans from all sporting codes and media rallying behind Harris and spreading the photo far and wide. 

The 21-year-old was just doing her job, playing footy.

"Enough is enough of this trolling," Layton said. 

"At the start, I think I was a bit soft on it. I'm not okay with people jumping on and I don't care if it's a jetski, car, whatever their photo is, get a life.

"Who needs to stand up? Our Tay is standing up but we need Twitter to stand up, block these people, delete them off, Facebook, delete them off."