Georgio also said he was rapt to see Stamatopoulos, Cooney-Cross and Sakalis getting game time in the W-League.

“Nia’s story is amazing, she’s only been playing for three years and I interviewed her two years ago at Coffs Harbour nationals,” he recalls.

“I asked her about her football history and she said she’d been only playing for 11 months and I just stopped rolling the camera because maybe she didn’t understand the question, so I asked her again and she said ‘11 months’.

The players on set...

“I just thought she ‘Wow’, she was such an accomplished individual in a small period of time and same with Kyra, she always had that X factor. I said I’d do a story on her and she simply said ‘What for?’ and I said ‘Don’t worry, just leave it up to me’. Seeing them now playing in the W-League at such a young age, it’s fantastic."

Georgio has vast experience as a journalist and filmmaker with his accomplice Paul Zarogiannis and used the documentary to help the players with media training.

“We coached and trained the girls with media. Over three years, we could see that progression from their first interviews to the last. Towards the end, they were like seasoned professionals, they were speaking articulately, they knew what to say and when to say it.

“They started to put more emotion and feeling and Kyra was one of the biggest improvers. She went from only saying one or two words to now where she’s speaking freely.

“There was a nice compliment from her school teacher who said told us the work we’d been doing was amazing because she was so quiet, and they said it was like a transformation.”