Tennis has become a big part of the identical twin's lives and they are spending their school holidays competing in the various tournaments that are being held.

With the Beenleigh Age and Brisbane Age now finished, this weekend the duo will play in the Eastside Classic at Morningside, where they are seeded 1 and 2 in the Under 14 Girls.  

The twins have been playing tennis since they were four years of age but only took to the tournament circuit in 2018.

They train daily at Lifetime Tennis Bracken Ridge under coaches Matt Limpus, Gary Stickler and John James. 

They compete in singles and then cause confusion when they pair up in the doubles where they have found the most success winning Volki, Milton and Mooloolaba.

Both are lefties and have a double-handed backhand adding their identical action to their identical appearance. 

Good luck picking which one is which.

In the Beenleigh Age Alexis bowed out in the quarter-finals with Bella-Grace reaching the semi-finals losing to sixth-seeded Livvy Devonport 6-3, 7-5 and in the just completed Brisbane Age it was Alexis turn coming runner-up in the 14U Girls Consolation Final.

When Mum Anastasia is unable to attend their tournament their Grandmother takes over chaperone duties.

The Melov twins are one of three sets of identical twins playing the junior tennis circuits in South East Region.