The Roos will get their inaugural AFLW season to underway on February 3 when they bring North Hobart Oval alive.

It will be one of two matches they play in Tasmania throughout the seven-round season.

“The broader picture for us is we knew it is a really important football venue for Tasmanians," North head of football operations Laura Kane said.

“We understand the history and how important it is as a venue and there is a really good sentiment there.

“Tasmanians love it by all reports, so it’s something we really wanted to celebrate and make sure we could bring our AFLW team in early days down as opposed to later in the season.”

At the moment, the AFL team plays three games a season with games drawing an average of 10,878 fans during the recent season.

North Melbourne were set to host AFLW games at Arden St for the upcoming season, some unavoidable delays in facility redevelopment have meant that this was not possible.