Fittingly, the first post in this list stemmed from the precautionary measures that have been put in place to control the spread of COVID-19. Nell Morris-Dalton debuted for the Western Bulldogs in their explosive match against Fremantle and of course, her family were unable to attend in person due to the lock-out. This didn’t stop them from congregating to cheer her on from afar. Such a wonderful show of support!


We can all agree that Olivia Vesely has won over a veritable hoard of AFLW fans thanks to her skills on the field. What we weren’t aware of was that she is apparently a burgeoning musical talent, proficient in the art of playing recorders with both her nostrils… simultaneously.


The Saints’ response to the closed stadium is the show of positivity we can all benefit from seeing. They definitely deserved applause for their annihilation of the Tigers, so who are we to say that the applause shouldn’t be self-congratulatory?


Carlton have been on a winning streak since Round 3. Maybe this does have something to do with it…


Most of the clubs have released statements that they will be cracking down on unnecessary contact between the players, discouraging high-fives and replacing handshakes with elbow taps. Chloe Molloy has her own way of doing things as usual. Maybe all contact should be replaced by enthusiastic non-contact fist bumps? Although maybe don’t go in for a hug with another player straight afterwards!


All game breaks are going to seem dull now unless accompanied by an interview with Gold Coast Sun Kate Surman. She provided the half-time entertainment needed in the dreary atmosphere set by coronavirus precautions; from the moment when she accidentally tried to commandeer the microphone to her attempt to assuage concerns for her health—“No head knock, just a cheeky little broken nose”—we loved it.