It was a narrow nine-point loss for the Lions as the game started off with a goalless first quarter but two quick goals from Isabel Huntington saw the Bulldogs saw into the lead.

"I guess just their game style, I think we were a little bit slow to react to the way they were playing when we did verse them," she said.

"So getting that second chance to verse them, we know exactly how they play and we will be looking to combat that chip footy they do."

Last season, the Lions remained undefeated only dropping points in a draw against Carlton but this time round the team hasn't been so fortunate.

The Lions have seen three losses this season while the Bulldogs have been marginally better with only two losses.

However, with these defeats in tow, Bates says the team can learn from the losses and prepare.

"You can always look at what went wrong in those games and see how you can build from there," Bates said

"It gives you even more of a burning passion to them over this time but I think all the pressure is on them, where last year all the pressure was on us.

"It will be very different going into this one," she said.