A standout for Central Coast in season, midfielder and weekend goal scorer Trudy Camilleri speaks with us on season two.

Trudy what were your thoughts on the first season of the W-League?

It was a fantastic season the first season.  To play against players like Cheryl Salisbury, I really learned a lot from them.

It was a really good competition and I definitely loved the first season.

How did you feel the Mariners went as a team and yourself personally?

I think that the team performed well but there were some disappointing losses that we could have prevented.  We never gave up and our team had the heart to keep playing and keep our heads up high even though we came up against bigger sides.  That was good to be a part of..

Personally, I think I didn't do too badly considering that I haven't played for Australia compared to some of the other girls.  I had my off days but the girls lifted me and I kept going.  I worked for them.

What do you think are your best attributes that make you an effective midfielder?

I think I communicate and talk on the field and it’s a great for the girls.  They need some-one to do that with Caitlin [Cooper] behind me, I need to forward her messages to the girls.  Also think I keep the girls going and I think they appreciated that.

I think I have the vision and the touch to be a good playmaker but one thing that lets me down is my fitness.  I need to work a bit harder on that and the rest of it flows with game.

You have lost a couple of players and added a few new faces to the squad.  How has pre-season been and what is the vibe around the club at the moment?

Pre-season has been very hard compared to last year's pre-season.  Trevor, our trainer, has worked us hard and he wants us to get fit so we are prepared for anything that hits us.

There are some new faces in the team and they have bonded well with us.  Hopefully when the season kicks off we will be more of a team.

Trudy, how did you get into football and who have been your influences throughout your career?

I started playing in primary school with some family friends who played soccer.  They were always talking about it and always asking me to play and they got me into it.

My family as well.  My Dad has been the one to support me in soccer because it is what I love and he love its too.  My Dad has been my back bone.

How do you think the side will go this season?

A couple of the girls play with me for the Illawarra Stingrays and we have played together for a season.  We have gelled because we have been together longer than other teams and I think that we will do well because we have that togetherness.