We speak with last year's Westfield W-League Golden Boot winner, Leena Khamis about her stellar first season.

Leena, you had a fantastic season taking out the golden boot.  How did you see your first season in the W-League?

It was better than I expected.  I obviously set goals for myself and the golden boot was one them.

To get it in the end, I was pretty proud of that achievement.

What about the League itself.  Was it what you expected?

Yes and No.  I didn't think the competition would be as even as it was last year.  Some teams on paper weren’t standout sides but they actually stepped up and were competitive against the bigger States.

Overall the competition was even and a hard competition all round as you could see by the table.  There wasn't much in it and it could have been anyone's title.

Leena, can you give us a little information on your football background.

I started with backyard soccer and school soccer with my older brothers.  They used to play every day.

I joined my first club at the age of 14, the Macarthur Rams, a Campbelltown team in Sydney.  From Macarthur, I was scouted for the NSW Institute of Sport and I have been there ever since.

For the last six years I have been there and luckily enough my Institute coach is the Sydney coach.

What do you think makes you a good striker?

Strikers are known to be quick but I'm not a quick striker.  That's probably a downfall for me.

A striker needs a good midfield and players behind them to feed them the ball and my runs as a striker off the ball help me a lot.  That and I can read the game well are my best attributes.

Sydney have assembled a good line up.  Tell us about the some of the new squad members and how pre-season has gone?

We had a bit of disturbed pre-season with Alen being the Young Matildas coach and a few members of the squad being away on international duties.  Pre-season was short compared to last year but in saying that it was good.

We have pretty much the same team with a few new internationals.  The two Danish girls who have come over are older and more experienced and I think they will do well for the team.

Other than that we are quite similar to last year.

Seeing as the competition is quite even, where do you see Sydney finishing at the end of the season?

We weren't fully satisfied finishing fourth last season.  I think we could have gone one better and made the grand final.

Our goals are the same and the teams expectations are to make the grand final.  Potentially we have a strong team to do it but we are hoping to be more consistent this year and go that one better.