No matter how many minutes you get in a game, if you make the most of them  they count for even more and Logarzo did just that this week.

She came on in the 65th minute with fresh legs and a spark for the Washington Spirit’s offense. Logarzo made sure to stay present and be ready up until the last second when her team needed her most.

She scored the go ahead goal for her team, unfortunately the Spirit’s defense could not seal the deal for the squad. But without Logarzo the Spirit could have walked away from the game with a one goal deficit. 




Last week UCLA suffered their first loss of the season, 2-0 to Santa Clara. This week the team bounced back and beat the #22 ranked team in the NCAA, the Wisconsin Badgers.

The win boosted their confidence and showed they are still a top team in the USA. UCLA won 1-0 and keeping that clean sheet was large in part due to Teagan Micah, who had seven saves on the day.

For a goalkeeper what more can you ask for?



As mentioned, Kerr scored her 16th goal of the season this week. But what is even more promising for her and the Chicago Red Stars were her assists this week.

When Kerr scores her teams typically win, but a quality about the star forward that is often overlooked is her ability to set up her teammates well.

So much attention is placed on Kerr that allows her teammates to get open and have their own scoring opportunities. Along with Kerr’s goal she also had two assists this week in two games the Red Stars would go onto win.

If Kerr can find her way on a stat sheet whether by assist or goal, it seems to be the difference maker in the win column.






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