House plays regularly in high-level men’s competitions in Perth and credits her husband, also has a baseball player, Chris House for helping to get her ready for this tournament.

Having been through the baseball minor league system and Australian teams, Chris knows what Nat needs to improve on to succeed.

Her daughter, Aria, born almost two years ago but when she was pregnant Nat wasn’t sure how her body would be after she had her baby.

However, she never lost the hunger for the game and missed playing the game.

So she set herself the challenge to get her body right and get fit for the path to national selection.  

Nat’s body held up through the Australian Women’s Championships this year, and her friends and family are all excited to see her out on the field again.

If she could speak to other women playing elite sport and thinking about making a come back, she would want them to know that it’s tough to get back into it but you should go for it.

“I think I would regret if I never gave it another shot, you just don’t know how long you can do it for.”