Heyman added leaving Canberra was the hardest thing she had to do in her career, but conceded Reds coach Ivan Karlovic was the main factor for her decision to sign for Adelaide.

She will also be reunited with Emma Checker, who she has played with in the past for Canberra.

“Everyone assumed I was going to Sydney because I was living there and I was on the phone to Ivan for a couple of months before I even signed and he’s just genuine,” Heyman revealed.

“He’s a cool guy and he wants what’s best for the players and the club and that’s something I align myself with. I’m more of that team player and I can see that within him. I’ll perform well with people I’m happy with and I’ve got that with him.

“Ivan’s had a few injuries himself, so it’s nice to be able to talk to someone about it because I was so unsure with how rehab was going, asking ‘is my knee and ankle still meant to feel like this?’.

Could we see Heyman play in next year's World Cup?

“Emma and I continue to say this at training - whenever we’re playing each other we’re chatting and trying to get her off her game, but it’s very friendly.

“For us to be finally back on the same team, we’re both excited and understand each other and we’re both leaders in the team. She’s a lot younger than me, but she’s such a leader at her age and it’s nice to be able to see her grow.”

Heyman added she was trying not to think about the 2019 World Cup in France going into this season.

The Reds kick off their season against Melbourne Victory this weekend.

“The World Cup is always there in my head, but personally, I’m focusing just on the W-League,” she said.

“There’s massive pressure if you think about the World Cup coming up while you’re playing and then you’ll end up constantly think about it.

“I just want to enjoy the game again and I want to be able to score goals with no stress.”