Unfortunately, Australia has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity with one in four children classified as overweight or obese.

So the 25-year-old has taken on a role to help change this as an ambassador of the Eat Like A Pro campaign by Beko.

The campaign, which has been taken around the world with the likes of FC Barcelona also being ambassadors, is looking to encourage families to feed their children healthy food and fight obesity.

"I’m proud to have such an important role to encourage children to eat healthy by showing parents how easy and simple it is to create delicious, nutritious meals. I’m looking forward to helping Australian kids live nutritious and wholesome lifestyles," Green said.

For Green, she starts the day with two poached eggs, a piece of brown rye toast, avocado, spinach and mushrooms along with a smoothie before the team chef cooks us up a combination of vegetables, salad, carbohydrates and two types of meat for lunch. Dinner will vary but the main staples are two types of vegetables, carbohydrates, and meat.

However, in a world full of fast-food and ready meals taking over the market it can be hard to not only get the healthy eating message across to families but just how easy and accessible healthy food is.

"It can be difficult to get into a steady rhythm of healthy eating alongside regular exercise, especially if you’re time poor," she said.

"Once you get into a routine, it’s so easy to make good food choices and again," Green said. 

It is also about finding the right recipes that provide you with the recommended daily intake of fruit and veg. which can be hard to reach. The recommended serving per day is five vegetables and two fruit.

However, once you start doing this, Green says it becomes easier as families can tailor the recipes to suit their needs and likes with Beko's ‘Eat Like A Pro’ recipes there to help as well.

"Another great way to teach children about healthy food is to get them in the kitchen helping with the meal prep, it makes it fun and interactive and I loved being in the kitchen with Mum as a kid," Green said.