The expansion team came to their first ever AFLW game with all guns blazing. 

It seemed they could do no wrong in the first quarter as the opposing Pies struggled to get the ball into their forward half.

The Eagles’ dominance was rewarded by a spectacular goal from ex-Docker Dana Hooker in the first five minutes of the game.

This early promise petered out after the first term however, as the Eagles seemed to struggle to keep possession from the more experienced Collingwood.

A second term injury to WCE Ashton Hill was a bad omen for the Eagles as they tried to regain their composure.

By half time, the Pies had successfully applied enough pressure to score two more goals, leaving the West Coast team scrambling to bring their defensive line together.

Going into the second half, it became increasingly clear that Collingwood’s experience would continue to cause trouble for the new team from Perth.

The Pies dominated the midfield, determined to demonstrate just how much they wanted to break their first-round dry spell.

By the fourth term, the Eagles’ forward fifty had seen next to none of the ball as the Pies continued their relentless attack, sealing the win with a well-deserved goal from Sarah D’Arcy.

The highly-rated Eagles failed their first, crucial consistency test. How they respond now, will go a long way to deciding their season.