The success of last season's NRLW competition, with the women's State or Origin in particular deemed a raving success, has led to NRLW stars calling for a larger format.

"Give us more rounds so we can play each other twice. That would help. You need time to find your groove and you can't do that in just four weeks," Roosters player Vanessa Foliaki told

"It helps that we have a pre-season this year. We didn't get that last year. We were expected to gel even though we'd come from different places, different clubs and competitions.

"We get a four-week pre-season and then a four-week season. That will help us a lot. Last year I feel like we didn't have enough time to get things right. It's such a short season."

Fellow Rooster SimiamaTaufa told the NRL that any form of expansion is a good thing.

"For me personally as long as it comes, I'm pretty excited no matter if it's five teams or more rounds," Taufa told

"The idea is to get more games for the girls. I know everyone in the NRLW is very driven towards getting a second time playing each other.

"If you win or you lose, you want to earn the chance to reinforce what you did the first time you met, or get revenge the second time around.

"As long as the competition grows and we get that backing and support not just from the NRL admin and NRLW clubs but from everyone in rugby league," she said.

The NRL currently plans to expand the competition by 2022 but are taking a slow and steady approach, after recently announcing that two fixtures will be played as standalones this season.