After announcing her international retirement in July, Geitz announced her retirement from netball surrounded by her team at a function in September.

Geitz made her national netball league debut in 2005 and went on to make 169 appearances.

She spent 10 years with the Firebirds, captaining them to three national championships, and led the Australian Diamonds to victory at the 2015 world championships and to gold during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

"Obviously, it's a huge life change going from doing something for so long and having so much structure on a day to day basis to no longer having that and it comes to an abrupt halt," Geitz said.

"I think I feel very comfortable with my retirement.

"I'm really loving just having some more time to myself and I'm so really excited for this next phase of life in a way," she said.

However, the 30-year-old has been busier than ever with commitments. 

"To be honest, things have been busier than ever,  I now have the time to commit to appearances that require travel which I wasn't able to do when I was playing," Geitz said.

Recently, she was part of the Comms team with Channel 9 for the Constellation Cup but also has been doing speaking engagements.

Geitz has also been working with rebel with the NextGen program, which was set up to create a mentor program specifically for female athletes and giving information, education, and support for a young athlete in their first few years of a professional training environment.

rebel are looking to inspire the next generation of sports stars, and show younger women that sport is not just a hobby, but a viable career path.