Ijdens grew up in the north of the Netherlands where she made it to national level track and field before making the switch to bobsledding. She once again made the national team and competed in a number of European and World series but a traumatic crash drove her away from the sport.

Only months later, a passing comment from a friend saw her fall into rugby and start her sevens journey. She made the national team and played in the World Series before she came to Australia for an invitational Rugby 7s team. 

Not long after that she permanently settled down in Australia after she was noticed by the University of Queensland coach, Red Heavies and joined the team. She made the decision last year to retire from international rugby 7s due to her life being in Australia.

However, she never thought that one comment from a friend would see her take a journey around the world. Ijdens came into a sport having only previously played social XV's but as soon as she stepped out for her first Sevens game she was in love.

"The first tournament, I fell in love, it's just a great sport," she said.

While the skills Ijdens learnt from her bobsledding days do naturally transition over to rugby, there is one point of different she had. 

"Of course, we are like a bobsledder. We are really explosive, especially the first couple of steps you are pretty quick and we are physical so I reckon that was my point of difference when I came to rugby," she said.

"Ball handling wise...I didn't do anything so it was just training, training and training and now I'm standing here," Ijdens said.

After her inaugural season and Championship with the University of Queensland, where she had Bodil van Wijnbergen by her side, the two former Dutch World Rugby Sevens Series representatives are joined by Plevni Kievit.

"It's really good for them to develop as a rugby player as well because in the Netherlands in winter during this period and there are no games," Ijdens said.

"The level in Australia is much higher than in the Netherlands so it's good for them to get the opportunity to here," she said.

The Uni 7s Series begins this Saturday at 9am at the University of Tasmania.