Apart from practicing meditation consistently throughout her career, the gun full-forward’s game-day preparation is fairly straightforward.

“The important part (about game-day preparation) is the last snack before a game, so I normally have a muesli bar. That’s very important to me, the last snack before a game," she said.

"You want to make sure it's going to give you enough energy when you run out there. I’ve been having Uncle Toby’s muesli bars as the last snack before the game.”

In the AFLW’s fledgeling years, the development of players has been crucial, and throughout her years as an AFLW player, Frederick-Traub and her teammates have had professional help with match preparation, a dietician present at the football club to “check up” on the players’ preparation and aid them through a consultation process.

Frederick-Traub could be considered an AFLW veteran, and with the number of female footballers skyrocketing, the improvement of rookies, such as Carlton superstar Maddi Prespakis and the injured Nina Morrison at Kardinia Park.

“The Lions…have a pretty good system where the majority of those who get drafted have been in that system for a couple of years. They’ve already had the advantage of having a routine of doing gym, training and having those resources,” she said.

Sabrina Frederick-Traub is one of Australian football’s new breed of trailblazers; young women who have taken Australian football to the next level through their incredible performances in the newly fledged yet hugely exciting AFLW.

With countless years left of her footballing career and the standard of women’s football rising rapidly, she has the ability to lead the way, writing new stories for this generation of footy fans and players while building women’s football into an astonishing nation-wide success.

Ours is the pleasure to watch the game, led by her, grow.