[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ootball Federation Australia (FFA) and Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) have today announced a landmark two year Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the W-League.

For the first time, the agreement covers the pay and conditions for the players of the W-League with an emphasis on players safety and starting to address economic concerns raised in the past couple of years.

FFA CEO David Gallop said the new CBA agreement provides a foundation for growth of women's football in Australia.

“This is the start of a new era for professional female footballers in Australia,” said Gallop.

“Westfield W-League players deserve this pay rise. They have been trail blazers for women’s sport in Australia and are about to enter their 10th season.

“It is important to acknowledge that this significant improvement has been made possible through the close positive collaboration of the Westfield W-League clubs, Professional Footballers Australia and the players working over many months with FFA.

“I want to thank in particular PFA Chief Executive John Didulica and Player Relations Executive Kate Gill plus Melbourne City FC Chief Executive Scott Munn and Western Sydney Wanderers FC Chief Executive John Tsatsimas who represented the clubs in these negotiations."

“We all share a determination to achieve gender equality in our sport and make it the most attractive option for female Australian athletes.”

The two year CBA covers the W-League players for the 2017/18 W-League season and the 2018/19 season at which time all the CBAs – Socceroos, Matildas, A-League and W-League – will expire.

Key elements of the CBA include:

  • A minimum player salary
  • Increased base player payments
  • A new minimum league spend
  • Football and non-football income protection for injured players
  • A new maternity policy
  • Increased player contract length and contract security with multi-year deals
  • Minimum medical standards
  • Access to the PFA Player Development Program
  • Football boots and runners provided

Following the work undertaken in the past two years by the PFA, Chief Executive John Didulica remarked on the significant nature of a CBA for the W-League players.

“Having worked with the W-League players through this process, it has reinforced our view that these players are central to the future and to the fabric of Australian football.

“Like generations of players before them, they have succeeded in discharging their responsibility to leave their sport in a better place for players who follow,” he said.

“This deal is foundational. Hand in hand with the club owners and the FFA, it will build a platform to grow the players’ collective hope of building a professional career as a footballer and give the players a clear voice in what that future looks like.”

The negotiation and signing of the CBA followed the formation of a Working Party in September 2016 that included representatives from FFA, the PFA and the 9 W-League clubs.