However, perhaps the biggest and most important thing set to come out of the upcoming World Cup is the new legacy it will leave.

Like every major sporting tournament, a mark is left on those who attended or watched from back home and France 2019 will be no different. 

But it could leave the most impactful legacy the game has seen for a long time. 

"I think the biggest legacy that this World Cup is going to leave is these women are now role models for young girls," Ferguson-Cook said.

"There are young girls, with female players names on the back of their shirts, there are players to look at up to and I never had that. 

Taken by Rachel Bach (@bythewhiteline)

"Even talking to some of the Matilda's in this camp, they never even knew about the Matilda's when they started playing football. 

"So it's inspiring the next generation.

"It's a special time in women's sport and in women's football in general. I always knew it was gonna be a big year, but it just feels like we've turned a big corner."

The Matildas open their World Cup campaign against Italy on June 9 at Stade Du Hainaut, Valenciennes from 9pm AEST.

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