Active support is one of the most common and colourful forms of fan engagement. All over the world, famous and even not-so-famous football clubs can rely on their most ardent and committed fans to turn up game after game home or away no matter where they are on the ladder. 

In the A-League, we have the Western Sydney Wanderers famous Red and Black Bloc, Sydney FC have The Cove” and Melbourne Victory had their Northern Terrace, among others.

Now female football is finally catching up. The Matildas have their own Mad-Tildas fan group who went to France for this year’s World Cup, and were in full voice again a few weeks ago in Parramatta and Adelaide as the Matildas took on Chile.

Leading the way in the W-League is Brisbane Roar’s Roar Corps led by Mandy Jamieson.

The Roar Corps, have been noisy the last two Thursdays at both Dolphin Stadium and again at Lions Stadium, getting the attention of Fox Sports.

When asked why she was involved in this level of support, it is clear to see the passion and dedication Jamieson and her group have for the Roar women and female football in general.

“I was sick of watching the women work as hard as their male counterparts, harder even as most had football plus a job/school/uni, for little or no return and little by way of real appreciation from the stands,” said Jamieson.

“I’m from Scotland where passion and atmosphere at games is a real thing.

“It always felt a bit like being in a library at games with little or no atmosphere. After initially talking with Amy Chapman and Mel Andreatta a few years ago, I then met with Mel and Chris from the RSF with a view to setting up a supporters group specifically for the W-League team.

“We arranged a workshop and invited along people we knew were big into women’s football. That meeting was a huge success and the rest is history.

“We not only want to actively support the team on game day, we also want to be able to advocate for them with the club, help encourage more people to get involved and support the team long term.

“Basically I’m passionate about women’s football and just want to increase the support and visibility of the game.”

The Roar Corps ensure they have banners supporting their favourite players as well as music and singing which continues non-stop throughout the game.