Farrugia mentioned the Giants love playing in the nation’s capital where their fan base is vocal in their support of the western Sydney team, so if they can cause an upset win, it’d be wonderful to happen there.

She felt Geelong had excelled during its first season, with the Cats sitting on top of the Conference B ladder, but they could be vulnerable at this point in time.

“They’re playing well, they're a young team ... obviously first year in the AFLW, that's a reflection of good coaching and a team that's got wonderful culture," Farrugia said.

"I think that we can knock them over, they're looking a little bit fatigued at the moment, to be honest, so if we can get on a roll early and stick with them early, we'll be able to run over the top of them.

"You never know in AFLW, anyone can win on their day."    

Having won only one of their first six competition matches to date in this year’s AFLW competition, the 2015 Mostyn medal winner thought the team’s playing and coaching group had possibly misjudged their preparation leading into this season.

“We thought we'd improved in the pre-season, but obviously everyone has improved a lot more than we have and you don't realise that until you start playing AFLW games," Farrugia said.

"It's not been a rude shock, but it's been a good awakening and you understand pretty quickly what you think is enough is not enough and you need to keep pushing the bar higher and higher and there's an individual responsibility for all of us to look within ourselves and say have we done enough and can we do more and I think collectively the answer is yes, we all need to do more."

The Giants are planning on rectifying that situation when the 2019 AFLW season wraps up, as to where each player can individually improve their game. 

"We'll have conversations with our coaches about where specifically there are areas of improvement across all the lines and for each player and hopefully there's a big commitment during the off-season for individuals to work on those weaknesses," she said.