“Every young girl out there will get a chance to prove themselves and receive the best possible training.

“Time will tell how it all works out.”

The cost of playing in the NPLW is another major issue that needs to be addressed. At the moment NPLW clubs fork out $11,000 to pay for a licence, referees fees are $940 per home game, clubs are required to have appropriately qualified coaches which costs money and there are general matchday running expenses to cover.

Most NPLW clubs struggle for sponsors meaning most of these costs are passed on to parents via high junior registration costs. This means a lot of talented footballers may miss out due to their family’s financial circumstances which is a great shame.

Nicholls admitted its a major challenge for clubs to bring down fees when there are so many rules and regulations in place to have an NPLW licence.

“It’s a good question isn’t it?” asked Nichols. “How can clubs raise the funds to pay for referees and coaches?

“If you are demanding B and C licence coaches then you need to pay reasonable wages. The question is, can FV reduce the costs for clubs to help cater for it?

"For example, if they made the licence fee cheaper, it would help bring down overall costs.”

There have been calls from football experts to ease up on the regulations for female football especially considering the lack of commercial interest in the game. Many argue that having all of these extra rules, though well intentioned, just end up pricing talented footballers out of the game.

It will an interesting two years coming up for the NPLW in Victoria. Only time will tell how the decisions being made now will pan out.