Tanya Oxtoby, Ella Mastrantonio and Chloe Logarzo are the Aussie spearheads behind one of the Women's Super League's smallest clubs, Bristol City, and their against-all-odds fight to remain in the FAWSL this season.

As the FAWSL gets bigger and bigger, Brisol City's part in the puzzle becomes more and more puzzling.


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Mastrantonio on Matildas ambition and 'the skill of Pirlo's pinky toe'

The Maestro herself, Ella Mastrantonio talking about replicating the skill of Andrea Pirlo's toes has to be one of the most egregious understatement of all time. However, it does give you a sense of how the former W-League and Matildas star got so damn good.

Without the big backing of a Premier League - or even large Championship - club behind them, Bristol's boss Oxtoby has to rely on her own wits and hope the all is more than the sum of its parts.

At her stead are two of the Matildas' finest technical products, the maestro Mastrantonio (who despite not playing for the national team for many years, has still earned an international reputation for her incredible W-League exploits) and national-team stalwart Logarzo.

In Oxtoby, the midfield duo have a coach that backs them to succeed at the highest level and both have played every minute of Bristol's two matches so far.

Souring the Aussie pride however, has been the scorelines: a 4-0 thumping from Hayley Raso's Everton, then a 9-0 demolition from Sam Kerr's Arsenal.

Two results that make Oxtoby's call to arms all the more important.

“What bigger challenge than Everton and Chelsea in your first two games and we don’t shy away from that," Oxtoby said.

"It’s really exciting for us. We have to embrace the challenge, there are going to be some tough times this season, no doubt about that whatsoever, but we’re ready for it, we’re up for it as a group and we’re really excited.”  

“Bringing those six players in has really strengthened us in the areas we really thought we needed to add in so it’s going to be interesting to see how we go. It’s going to be a long season so it’s not necessarily about our first game our two, it’s about making sure we gel those players in and really start to play some of our football."

Things don't get any easier in their next match for Bristol, facing the other Aussie trio that have won far more publicity - and games - this season, Arsenal.

While Lydia Williams, Caitlin Foord and Steph Catley's impetus behind fellow Aussie coach Joe Montemurro are taking the Women's Super League by storm this season, Oxtoby has a chance to show just how valuable her Aussie lineup can be at the highest level.

It may be Australians against Australians, but it's also David vs Goliath.

"Being in a league like this it comes with a lot more criticism but it's not like it's bad...well, it is bad criticism, but it's just what we need to get used to. We need to take it on the chin," Logarzo told Optus.

"There is not one national team player that isn't in Europe. That's a big stepping stone. I'm really excited to see what the Olympics are going to be and our lead up to the World Cup, there are a lot of exciting times coming.

"It's the future of the women's game, it's more on par with the men's game. Europe is the epicentre of that growth. It's challenging, but also exciting, and it's good," Mastrantonio added.

It's no surprise that having all these Aussies at the pinnacle means a better Matildas, no matter what happens to Bristol this season.

But knowing this trio, we might just be surprised what Bristol can produce.


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