Brittany Hepburn got her second start of the tournament but once again was hampered by control issues allowing the Japanese 6 free passes through her 2.1 innings stint.

The Japanese capitalised and plated 5 runs on just a couple of scattered hits and despite some great relief pitching by Kim McMillan for 3.1 innings and Amy Collins for the last out the damage was done.

Offensively the Emeralds matched the Japanese with just 6 hits each but were unable to come up with the clutch hits despite several opportunities with runners in scoring positions.

Unfortunately, the loss resigns the Emeralds to the consolation round but the team will continue to strive for the best possible result they can achieve.

Japanese manager Megumi Kitta who spent a couple of seasons playing ball here in Australia was glowing in her praise of the Emeralds and the way they fought the game out to the end.