In the women’s K1 1000 final, best friends and K2 partners Bull and Burnett lead the rest of the field in the windy Polish conditions.

Bull managed to edge out Burnett for the win, but said it was not important who won. 

“It was good to AB next to me. We really wanted to go one-two on the podium today and we are just happy we did that and we really didn’t care what order,” she said.

“Obviously you always race to win and that’s what we were doing and I’m stoked with the one-two but to be a little bit honest, I’m ready to hang up the 1000 now and go to some sprinting,” Burnett said.

In other results, Jo Brigden-Jones was first and Cat McArthur fourth in the C final of the K1 200 while Josephine Bulmer was sixth and Bernadette Wallace eighth in the B final of the women’s C1 200.

Bulmer and Wallace will feature on the last day of competition in the B final of the women’s C2 500.