Perrine and her sighted guide Christian Geiger almost clinched a silver but they finished 0.47 seconds behind British athlete Menna Fitzpatrick with Henrieta Farkasove of Slovakia taking the gold. 

Perrine told APC Media that she cares a lot more about skiing than medals. 

"I'm so stoked the skiing was able to get me a medal, so I'm really happy with the skiing today," she said. 

“I love this sport, it’s an amazing sport.

"I wanted to relax and have a lot of fun out there today and I managed to do that,” she said.

Perrine, who before PyeongChang unfortunately didn't have an Olympic medal to her name,  had won 35 World Cup medals and eight World Championships medals.

Sit-skier Tori Pendergast finished in the top 10.

She spoke to APC Media after her second run. 

“Halfway through, one of my outriggers (cut-down ski poles) went in a random direction, so it was a really big fight to try and grab it," she said.

"Once I did, I just tried to ‘go’ and make up the time.

"After an average run this morning, I’m happy with that to end the day,” said Pendergast