Both teams headed into the match on equal wins for the season, whoever won was headed to finals, while the other was destined for third.

The Kangaroos sat in prime position to take second spot in Conference A and head into finals in their inaugural season. However, Fremantle had not lost a game at home all season and a win would send them into second. 

Game on!

The Kangaroos threw everything they had at the Dockers but would eventually be let down by their slow start, with their first goal coming courtesy of Kaitlyn Ashmore at the end of the second term.

By half-time, they trailed by 19-points and despite their continued efforts, particularly from Emma Kearney, it was not enough to mount a comeback. 

It was a bittersweet win as both Dana Hooker (quad) and Sabreena Duffy (leg) were helped from the field in the second half.

Before her injury forced her to the sidelines, Duffy starred for the Dockers, scoring two, and kept herself in the race for MVP.

Fremantle joins the Adelaide Crows and Carlton in the finals with the match between Brisbane Lions and Collingwood set to determine the final spot. 

Serious questions will once again be raised over the conference system with North Melbourne missing out. The Kangaroos finished the season boosting five wins, which is better than all the teams in Conference B.