The win comes after a heartbreakingĀ one goal loss for Australia in the gold medal match at the Commonwealth Games in April to England.Ā 

The win on Wednesday night also sees the largest winning margin for the Diamonds against England and this comes despite losing the opening and closing quarters. It was the middle of the match where the Diamonds shined and were able to win the game.

In a halftime interview on Nine Gem, Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander said her side needed to sort out a few things inĀ defenceĀ which was reiterated by wing defender Gabi Simpson.

"We needed that one on one grind from the start of the game to the finish and it's probably something we haven't done yet," Simpson said.

"We're building on it but we have to be on every contest," she said.

Australia listened as they restricted the English attackers while extending their one goal lead to four.Ā England was forced to play unexpected and quick moves in order to get their chance on goal and forced a change in defence for the Roses.

The introduction of Liz Watson toĀ centreĀ forĀ Kim Ravaillion also paid dividends in the second quarter with the 24-year-old making nineĀ goalĀ assist out of the 15 scored.

While the change saw Ama Agbeze come in and make an instant impact, the Diamonds were still making defensive intercepts with Simpson making three by the end of the third quarter.Ā 

England needed a spark to get theirĀ game back on track but it came too late as the lead Australia had gained was too great to overcome.Ā 

For the Roses it was their shooting where they fell withĀ Kadeen Corbin andĀ Helen Housby managing an average shooting accuracy of 79.5 percent. This is compared to Australia who had 96.5 percent.

"Really happy that when they came back at us we were able to push out again, which we weren't able to do at Comm Games so incredibly proud of the growth we've had since then but we have a long way to go," Simpson said.

The Diamonds now face longtime rivals New Zealand on Sunday afternoon in Melbourne at 1pm and the match will be broadcast live on Nine Gem.