Taking place at Melbourne’s National Tennis Centre, Australia's top 16 most promising female tennis stars have been taking part in a skills development camp with Dellacqua lending her expertise.

Since retiring earlier this year Dellacqua has moved into the player development space and hopes she can assist players including Destanee Aiava, Jaimee Fourlis, Astra Sharma and Zoe Hives in their quest to crack their elite top 100.

“I’ve kind of had a theme with the girls this week, and that’s been volume – in terms of being on the court and concentrating for a length of time, hitting a lot of balls and giving them a picture of what top 100 looks like, and the level they need to perform at on the practice court, day in and day out, to reach top 100,” Dellacqua said.

“For a lot of them, they haven’t played at that level so I’m just trying to create a sense of what is needed to be one of the best in the world.

"Hopefully, they take something from it this week,” she said.

Not only did the players receive on-court help and gym training but the camp also featured education on nutrition, health and wellbeing, guest speakers, Q&A sessions and team dinners.

It follows a recent six-tournament Australian Pro Tour and precedes the Australian Open Play-off, set to take place next month.